Julia Klemm – Feriales I/2


Julia Klemm´s art edition for Schoendiener is about deconstructing bodies.

She finds mass ceramic products on flea markets, destroys them and builds fantastic new sculptures. They are more than their remnants – they are new ways of experiencing sculpture.

Active ingredients in pharmaceuticals are often deconstructions of chemical structures. It is an art to change a chemical structure to reduce side effects or enhance their potency. Schoendiener pill boxes intent to support this curing idea of pharmaceuticals.

Each piece is unique hand made by Julia.



Technical Data –
Schoendiener Art Edition pill box
Julia Klemm – Feriales I/2

Ceramic with chandelier, casting of the sculpture
Casing: Length 115mm, height 16,5mm, width 23,5mm; Aluminium anodized
Drawer: Length 115mm, pockets 23,4mm x 12,79mm x 15,5mm x 7;
wood, DIN-EN 71/3
Closure via magnet
Weight: 1200g
Manufactured in Germany
Patent on the Closure
Wipe clean surfaces, not suitable for dishwashers

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