Felix Leon Westner – Lipstick – Gold


Felix Leon Westner is an artist living in Berlin and a perfect match for the Schoendiener Art Editions.

In his body of work he observes the current status of society, its values and expressions. A pill box is not a status symbol – and it shouldn’t – but we can change the perspective towards it. Maybe as a Lipstick, a Laser Sword or a Rolex – these items are made to give people confidence by highlighting, protecting or beautifying them.

Each piece is a unique hand drawing by Felix, they are limited. 



Technical Data –
Schoendiener Art Edition pill box
Felix Leon Westner – Lipstick – Gold

Casing: Length 115mm, height 16,5mm, width 23,5mm; Aluminium anodized, hand colored 
Drawer: Length 115mm, pockets 23,4mm x 12,79mm x 15,5mm x 7;
Wood, DIN-EN 71/3
Closure via magnet
Weight: 54g
Manufactured in Germany
Patent on the Closure
Wipe clean surfaces, not suitable for dishwashers

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