Monolith 2 pillbox in gold, nut

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The Monolith II pillbox in the combination black/nut is ideal for those who need two compartments per day and want to supply themselves with their medication easily, safely and in style.

Our Monolith II tablet box can be easily opened without mechanical resistance and the medication can be conveniently filled or removed via the locking mechanism. It is the ideal companion for every day.


Monolith II – Pillbox
Case: length 65 mm, height 20mm, width 30 mm; anodized aluminum
Drawer: length 65 mm, compartments 23 mm x 23 mm x 15mm x 2
Wood: walnut; DIN-EN 71/3
Color: Gold
Weight: 28 g
Made In: Germany
Patented closure: Closure via magnet
Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, not dishwasher safe


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