Children’s Monolith IV Weekly Pillbox

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The children’s monolith, as a pill box for a week, is more than just a pill container. The animal drawings carry the children through the week, every day a different cheerful animal that accompanies the taking of the tablets.

The children’s pillbox fits into any home with children, and should be placed inaccessible to all children. Thanks to the patented, magnetic closure, the pill box can be opened, filled or emptied for parents without much effort.



Children’s Monolith IV Weekly – Pillbox
Housing: length 115 mm, height 20 mm, width 30 mm; anodized aluminum
Drawer: length 115 mm, compartments 23 mm x 23 mm x 15mm x 4
Wood: Beech, DIN-EN 71/3
Color: Silver
Bracket: Beech
Weight: 450 g
Item weight: 54 g
Made In: Germany
Patented closure: closure via magnet; Bracket via magnet
Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, not dishwasher safe
Place protected from access by children.

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