Art-Editions – Felix Leon Westner

About the Artist

Felix Leon Westner’s art plays with the symbols of ubiquitous self-marketing. His sensitive observations pointedly reflect the codes of our consumer society.

He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.


For the SCHOENDIENER Art Editions, Berlin artist Felix Leon Westner has masked the Monolith pillbox as an everyday object. Illustrated as a lipstick on anodised aluminium.

Lipstick Silber

The patented magnetic closure opens easily without mechanical resistance.

Funktionales Handling

Laser Sword

Felix Leon Westner’s “Laser Sword” is a hand-drawn illustration of a comic sword. When you slide open the wooden inlay, the sword extends. Each monolith is unique.

Laser Sword

Each piece is unique and hand-painted by Felix and is made with great attention to detail.

Timeless and classical

Painted as a laser sword, the monolith gives strength, self-confidence and assurance.


The Monolith pillbox by Felix Leon Westner is a hand-drawn unique piece. Too valuable to use every day.

Status symbol

A unique piece hand-drawn by Felix Leon Westner that is not a status symbol.

Zeitlos und klassisch

Shimmering gold and light maple play with the valuable character of the pillbox designed by Felix.

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