Art-Edition – Julia Klemm

About the Artist

Julia Klemm’s major theme is ceramics. One aspect of her artistic exploration is ceramic mass products, which she uses as readymades, deconstructing them to create new, cloud-like amorphous sculptures.
Julia Klemm is a graduate of the Munich Art Academy and is committed to helping children, for whom she offers creative time out in ceramics courses.

Feriales I/2

With the sculpture “Feriales I/2” Julia Klemm deconstructs the body of a ceramic deer, which thus enters into a new symbiosis with the monolith. Amorphous forms, which in some places still reveal the starting point of the sculpture, are surrounded by a silver lustre on grey ceramic.

Feriales I/4

Julia Klemm’s “Feriales I/4” is a blue pigmented ceramic united with the golden monolith. It is the combination of a soft-looking body with the clear metallic form of the pillbox object. A unique piece signed by the artist.

Feriales VII/4

The monoliths stand on the back of the “Feriales VII/4” like a monumental feather comb. The functional object thus becomes part of the sculpture. A unique piece signed by the artist.

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