We listen, we think.
Look, think.
Experiment, think.
Failure, think about.
In the end, the result is a special pillbox.
And the cycle starts all over again to improve the products for you.

SCHOENDIENER offers with its products the possibility for an easier use and a better feeling during the daily intake of medication. For us, the Monolith family is the perfect pillbox.

Things that we constantly encounter in our everyday lives affect our mood in a lasting way. Based on this knowledge, all SCHOENDIENER products were and are developed and distributed. It can be felt that the materials of the Monolith family are sustainable and consciously selected. We have long-standing relationships with all producers who are currently based exclusively in Germany, and our app is also developed in Germany and supports the taking of the medication in a playful way.

The founder, herself a pharmacist, developed the products after long observation of the market, patented them, set up production and now successfully sells them online and through selected distribution partners.

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