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About the Product

Pill Box - German Design Award

German Design Award Special 2021

Statement of the jury

The combination of clear direct shapes and the use of high-quality materials make the pill organizer an upmarket accessory for everyday life. An attractive design gesture that counteracts stigmatisation and contributes to enhancing the quality of life for the people affected.

Sustainable premium feel and finish

  • Aluminum for the hull – it is a long lasting and robust material – refined to the max for your perfect Monolith.
  • Wood for the cases – it regrows, has a warm feeling and the structure of the different wood types make the design more vivid.
  • No plastic throughout the supply chain – from the manufacturer to the customer.
  • You will see and feel the difference of the Schoendiener pill boxes.

Made in Germany

almost 😉

  • The wood crafter is located in the Erzgebirge.
  • The Schoendiener exclusively owned aluminum tool sits in Neumünster.
  • The aluminum crafter and the anodizer are located close to Munich.
  • The patent lawyer resides downtown Munich – Schoendiener owns a German patent and is in the process receiving the EU patent for the pill organizer.
  • The Schoendiener App developer and mastermind behind it lives in Berlin.
  • The product designer for the basic design of the pill organizer works in Munich.
  • The artists live all over the world.
  • The graphic designers live in Berlin and London.
  • The web designer currently moves to Frankfurt.
  • The fashion designers live in Brazil and Paris – yes, Schoendiener is working on a clothing line!
  • The non-profit association “Kleine Helden e.V.”  we collaborate with, is founded in Munich.

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Rethinking the pill organizer was the goal of the founder and pharmacist, Linn Born. She observed the function and appearance of commercially available pill organizers. An idea in 2016, today a flourishing business. Her experience in the pharma market and her flair for art and design combine utility and look in the Schoendiener products. Once a day, several times a day. Always by your side – nothing to hide.

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